Friday, February 6, 2009

Morgan's Africa Report

As most of you know Morgan had to do a report on Africa. We got lots of fun things to show her class from Nana and Papa. Papa even let us take the Big 5, I can't believe he let it out of the house. Morgan did so well, I filmed it on my camera but, it didn't turn out that well. So when she brings her poster home I will try it again. The only bummer about that is that it won't be the real thing. She remembered all the things that Nana had told her about the pictures that were on her poster board. She even remembered to tell her class that her Uncle Mark travels to the Ivory Coast a lot. I think she said that a couple of times. We are not proud of Uncle Mark at all. :) The kids really like the video of the elephant, they thought is was really funny when they heard Mark say "He's a beast!!" Morgan even wore her sweater from South Africa. Thanks, to all those that helped us out. We love you!!


Janice {Run Far} said...

Hey Kim. Found your blog from Emily's, which I found from her FB page. You family is so super cute.

KaRLie said...

Just wanted to say hi!! It was fun to have you guys over the other night Emily loves having her cousins over!