Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is for my family in South Africa. Everyone else as seen me walk. I am at Nana and Papa's house and someone forgot to close the bathroom door. There are lots of fun things at their house. The Christmas tree is up, WHAT FUN. Hannah and I were playing with the bells on the tree and we love the Christmas music box. By the way I FINALLY got some teeth, two at once. Love, Addison

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I will respond to the tag...

I didn't respond to the tag last time so I thought I better do it this time. It is a small possiblity I could offend Emily forever. Just kidding.

I am: the one who made Emily a Gray's fan.
I know: I love my family most in the world.
I want: lypo.
I have: the cutest girls.
I dislike: feet.
I feel: overwhelmed most of the time.
I hear: MOM!!
I smell: cleaning supplies. (TOM)
I crave: Diet Coke.
I cry: when people leave.
I search: for Utes items. (let me know if you find any)
I wonder: if I'll will be good in Young Womens.
I regret: my mistakes.
I love: my DVR!!!! and reading.
I worry: about everything.
I remember: when Morgan and Addison were born.
I dance: in Morgan's room to Hannah Montana.
I don't: like feet.
I argue: with Morgan about doing her hair.
I write: lists.
I win: at Skipbo.
I lose: sleep.
I wish: I went on a mission. ( Morgan is quick to remind me that I didn't)
I listen: to mostly country music.
I am scared: of change.
I need: a chick flick.
I forget: to read my scriptures.
I tag: anybody.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I know that what I am about to put on our blog could possible get us disowned from the family. But, as many of you know I live with a die hard UTES fan!!! Tonight they beat TCU and will possibly be in the bowl championship series. It was a great night at our house, for our dad, we even had our neighbors that are fans call and make sure that we had seen the game. We have had our Utes flag flying high in the yard today.(Like it does everytime they play.) I hope that this message will not cause any nasty comments on our blog. (yea right) Love you all.