Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I will respond to the tag...

I didn't respond to the tag last time so I thought I better do it this time. It is a small possiblity I could offend Emily forever. Just kidding.

I am: the one who made Emily a Gray's fan.
I know: I love my family most in the world.
I want: lypo.
I have: the cutest girls.
I dislike: feet.
I feel: overwhelmed most of the time.
I hear: MOM!!
I smell: cleaning supplies. (TOM)
I crave: Diet Coke.
I cry: when people leave.
I search: for Utes items. (let me know if you find any)
I wonder: if I'll will be good in Young Womens.
I regret: my mistakes.
I love: my DVR!!!! and reading.
I worry: about everything.
I remember: when Morgan and Addison were born.
I dance: in Morgan's room to Hannah Montana.
I don't: like feet.
I argue: with Morgan about doing her hair.
I write: lists.
I win: at Skipbo.
I lose: sleep.
I wish: I went on a mission. ( Morgan is quick to remind me that I didn't)
I listen: to mostly country music.
I am scared: of change.
I need: a chick flick.
I forget: to read my scriptures.
I tag: anybody.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

That was so awesome Kim! I loved it all...except the Utes part! LOL!

Love ya! Tracy